Size Length Example
Fine < 5m
Mini 5.1m to 10m TIE/LN Fighter Squadron
Tiny 10.1m to 20m T-65 X-wing Fighter Squadron
Small 20.1m to 50m
Medium 50.1m to 100m
Large 100.1m to 250m
Huge 250.1m to 500m
Giant 500.1m to 1000m
Gigantic 1000.1m to 2000m Imperial-I-class Star Destroyer
Massive 2000.1m to 5000m
Colossal 5000.1m to 10000m
Super 10000.1m to 20000m
Enormous 20000.1m to 50000m
Gargantuan 50000.1m to 100000m
Planetary 100000.1m > DS-1 Orbital Mobile Battle Station