Class J planets are massive spheres of liquid and gaseous hydrogen, with small cores of metallic hydrogen. Their atmospheres are extremely turbulent, with wind speeds in the most severe storms reaching 600 kph. Many Class J planets also possess impressive ring systems, composed primarily of rock, dust, and ice. They form in the Cold Zone of a star system, though typically much closer than Class I planets.

Class J Planet type

Game Notes:

  • Extreme attrition damage to units outside Pressure Domed facilities.
  • Due to nature of surface, ground combat on surface is impossible (100% attrition to units forced to land on planet)
  • No Water for Naval Units
  • No Water for Fishery or Waterport
  • Extreme Atmosphere, Air Units only 50% effective.
  • Facilities can not function here unless they have the Repulsorlift Upgrade, immediately destroyed on surface.
  • Facilities can not function here unless they have the Pressure Dome Upgrade, or suffer damage.
  • Facilities can not be constructed here, they must be transported here.
  • Mines do no produce anything.
  • Gas Mine produce x2 Energy.
  • Extreme Weather Events.