Class E planets represent the earliest stage in the evolution of a habitable

planet. The core and crust is completely molten, making the planets susceptible to solar winds and radiation and subject to extremely high surface temperatures. The atmosphere is very thin, composed of hydrogen and helium. As the surface cools, the core and crust begin to harden, and the planet evolves into a Class F world.

Class E Planet type

Game Notes:

  • Extreme attrition damage to units outside Pressure Domed facilities.
  • Due to molten surface, ground combat on surface is impossible (100% attrition to units forced to land on planet)
  • No Water for Naval Units
  • No Water for Fishery or Waterport
  • Little to no Atmosphere for Air Units or Airport.
  • Facilities can not function here unless they have the Repulsorlift Upgrade, immediately destroyed on surface.
  • Facilities can not function here unless they have the Pressure Dome (w/Heat Shield) Upgrade, or suffer damage.
  • Facilities can not be constructed here, they must be transported here.
  • Mines produce x2 metal.