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- The Character has an innate 'Danger Sense'. This is not a psychic power; rather it reflects the character's subconscious powers of observation.

Game Effect: Characters with this Advantage get a free GM role for detecting danger be it combat related (Detecting an Ambush) or operation related (Assassination attempt).

Alien Upbringing Edit

Note: Subject to GM approval.

Game Effect: Characters with this advantage get a bonus to covert/fringe infiltration operations (as they know the customs, languages ect.) They also get a bonus when generating influence with this race.

Ally Edit

Level I: Fellow Officer, Local Constable or mid-level Bureaucrat. Does not have a lot of resources, influence or power.

Level II: Starship Captain, Army commander, high-level executive of a corporation, fairly notorious organized crime figure. Usually has access to either a starship or military unit or has some access to resources or influence.

Level III: A fleet Admiral, Diplomat, Ambassador, or regional governor. Usually has access to moderate number of military assets, resources and moderate-high influence within their own government/organization.

Note: Subject to GM approval. Requires consultation & design.

Game Effect: The Character has an NPC Ally that he can call upon for aid. The ally will offer aid when ever they can to the best of their situation.
The Ally DOES not constitute a free character for the player - this character has his own agenda and duties and can not be called upon to perform actions for the character on a regular basis.

Note: the Ally can also call upon the Character for aid. The NPC character will expect the same sort of favors and commitment from the player Character. If the NPC sent ships and men to die on behalf of the player.. then the player had best send ships and men when the NPC calls. Failure to help your ally can results in a loss of the ally, even the potential of turning the ally into a enemy.

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The character can use either hand/limb when performing physical actions.

Game Effect: The character gets a minor bonus when performing physical actions or combat.

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